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Hi!   I'm Cathy
An artist and music business entrepreneur. I’ve secured hundreds of licenses for TV/Film & ADs. I write my own music and own a licensing agency. I'm dedicated to making great music & helping other artists make 6 figures a year with their songs.

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-How to Create Wealth Doing What you Love, Being an Artist
-A Proven Step by Step Plan that Works, Where to focus your attention
-How I made 6 Figures a Year Licensing my Music 
-What is the "Secret" to cracking the licensing code. 
-What Kinds of Songs to write and How to get them to the Right People
-How to Take Action and Create a Music business Plan that is Will Work

Sucess Stories:

Here's one of the Bands I've worked with who Made 6 Figures Following this Plan:

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Commit to taking the action and making it happen. I am certain you can reach the finish line if you have these tools and apply yourself. If you want to make 6 Figures a year licensing your songs, take the next step. I will mentor you and give you a clear plan to be successful licensing your songs.  It all comes down to taking action. Don't regret it, do it today!